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How to Access KEYTRUDA

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KEYTRUDA is funded for the treatment of patients with melanoma or non-small cell lung cancer which has spread (metastatic), or is advanced and cannot be removed by surgery – restrictions apply.

KEYTRUDA is not funded for the treatment of all other cancers listed at the bottom of this page. Ask your health professional about the cost of the medicine and any other medical fees that may apply.

The information on this website should be discussed with your healthcare professional and does not replace their advice.

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Accessing unfunded KEYTRUDA treatment

If your oncologist recommends KEYTRUDA treatment for you, but your type or stage of cancer doesn’t qualify for funding, charges will apply.

When receiving treatment privately, the cost of KEYTRUDA is just one part of the total cost. Other charges may include costs such as: a courier to transport KEYTRUDA, the preparation of KEYTRUDA for your infusion, a dispensing fee, clinic time and administration fees.

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Private cancer care centres

Please click below to download a list of private cancer care centres in New Zealand. Contacting a private cancer care centre may help you and your family (whānau) consider your options.

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What you can do to help improve public funding for KEYTRUDA

If you feel public funding for KEYTRUDA should be broadened, you can help support yourself, friends and whānau by making a funding application to PHARMAC.

Anyone can make a submission by completing the online form available on the PHARMAC website.

You can also talk to your local MP about KEYTRUDA funding.

Help with managing your money

Please click below for the Sorted guide on ‘Managing your money after being diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness’, which may help during these difficult times.

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Questions to ask your doctor

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Patient Resources


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